How to order

1. We are based in Czech republic in the city Přerov near Olomouc and we also participate throughout the year in many equestrian events like competitions, exhibitions and fairs in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.  Measurement is the best personally, but you can also measure yourself at home with the instructional video you can find below on this page. Your rate can be sent by e-mail, contact form or facebook pages along with your other requests or queries. You can also use the telephone number +420 731 457 794.

2. After choosing and agreeing to the design of shoes and size, the payment of an advance payment, which is half the price of the shoes, is paid, after the order is sent to Italy. Boots in Italy last about 5 weeks.

3. After your shoes are finished, they pay the rest of the price and send them to your address or hand them over to a personal meeting, for example, at the races.

Measurements Instructions

If you have already decided that you want to take measures of your legs by yourself, please use this manual and see a short video with demonstration.

1. Height - we measure the height from the backside, from the heel to the knee bend. You really need to take the measure along this length, because as long as the boots adjust to your leg, they will drop by 1-1.5 cm at the same time, and if the measurement is incorrect, the boots could be too low

2. Entrance - we measure the entire circumference of the foot under the knee at the level of the patella

3. Calf - we measure around the entire circumference of the widest part of the calf

4. Ankle - we measure the entire circumference of the narrowest part of the ankle

5. Increased Foot - perimeter around the heel and the top of the instep

6. Neck foot - perimeter of the foot from the bottom to the top of the instep

7. Foot plant in the widest part around the fingers

Measure your shoe size

If you have never tried our shoes and you don't know your shoe size at our brand, we really recommend you to measure your feet according to the following instructions and illustrations.

1. Take a clean sheet of paper (preferably A4) and place it on the flat smooth surface perpendicular to the wall so that the paper touches the wall directly and creates a right angle (see photo).

2. Stand with your right or left foot on the paper so your fingers touch the walls slightly and your fingers are on the edge of the sheet perpendicular to the wall (see photo).

3. Use the pen or black centropen and make a contour of the foot around your toes and around the heel. ! Important: The pen must be perpendicular to the sheet! (see photo)

4. When you'll be done with making the contour, use a ruler and make a straight line on the heel (see photo) and a second line perpendicular to the previous one to the place where your thumb was (see photo).

5. Use a ruler to measure the length of the foot at the outermost points (the perpendicular distance from heel to toe).

6. Then measure the right foot the same way. You should indicate measured lengths of the right and left feet in you order list (these two lengths may be different).

Colors of skin

Because there are really many shades, contact us for a detailed specification.